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Michael Curtis Photography – Class of 2020 Senior Photo Ambassador Program

Welcome To The Team!
I appreciate your interest in participating in this program and look forward to working with you on what will certainly be a fun experience.

So, what's next?
The next thing is for me to get your final commitment to join the program and then to set up a consultation with you and your parent(s) so that I can explain the details of the program. The consultation can be a face-to-face meeting, FaceTime/Skype or phone call.

As my senior ambassador you get:

  • HALF OFF Senior Portrait Session – Choose either:
    • Ultimate Senior Experience for $649 (regularly $1299) or the 
    • Premium-Plus Senior Experience Session with the hair styling and makeup option for $449 (regularly $899).
      Use this link to see what all is included: Class of 2020 Senior Sessions
  • FREE Promotional Portrait Session. There will be a few group shoots scheduled before March 31, 2019 with the goal to create images for your marketing materials. We will offer a few optional date/locations for the group shoot of up to 4 team members. All members must participate in one of these shoots.
  • Marketing Support Materials
    • Special Offer Code to share with friends that gives them extra session time (30 minutes)
    • Custom Web Page with details about booking senior photo sessions with Michael Curtis Photography
    • Mobile Photo Sharing app (with photos / price list)
    • Rep Referral Cards
  • The ability to earn Rep Rewards for referrals
  • Compete to win one of the Top Three Bonus prizes

What is required of you:

  • A consultation with you and a parent so that we can explain the details of the program via a face-to-face meeting, FaceTime/Skype or phone call. We can answer any question you have about the Referral Rewards Program and Bonus that is available. Feel free to call me at 425-418-8127 if you have any questions
  • Your enthusiastic commitment to promote senior photo shoots to your friends with Michael Curtis Photography. You will be representing our company so we ask that you actively promote Michael Curtis Photography throughout the year. We rely on your support and active models will be rewarded!
  • Participate in one of the FREE Promotional Portrait Sessions. There will be a few group shoots scheduled before March 31, 2019 with the goal to create images for your marketing materials. Date and locations will be announced shortly and scheduled to be as accommodating as possible for the team members.
  • Schedule your Half-Price Senior Portrait Session with Michael Curtis Photography before June 1, 2019. Ambassadors get HALF OFF either the Ultimate Senior Experience or the Premium-Plus Senior Experience Portrait Session – Choose either:
    • Ultimate Senior Experience for $649 plus tax (regularly $1299)
    • Premium-Plus Senior Experience Session with the hair styling and makeup option for $449 plus tax (regularly $899)
  • Payment schedule. A $200 deposit is required before we begin shooting the FREE Promotional Portrait Session. Yes, I did say it is a FREE session and it is. This non-refundable deposit will be applied towards the purchase of your actual Senior Portrait Session. Payment of your Senior Portrait Session is due prior to the start of that photo session (minus your $200 deposit). 
  • Be active on social media and tag, photo credit @michaelcurtis and 'shout out' about the fun session and amazing photos that you received. Your regular posting of 'Senior Sunday' photos will help generate more visibility and bookings.
  • Use one of your model rep images as your profile pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites until October 1, 2019.
  • Share program feedback and suggestions. As we get creative ideas throughout the year, we may call on our rep models for to help test them out! Although it’s not required, we appreciate your help and feedback.
  • Get a signed contract from parents. It's a very basic agreement that states what Michael Curtis Photography agrees to provide and your commitment to the items required of you that are listed above. It is also a model release that gives us the permission to photograph our ambassador and use the images in the promotion of our business.
  • To have a great experience as a member of our Senior Ambassador Team. Let's make great photos of you and have fun collaborating on this Class of 2020 Senior Photo Season! The program is designed to be a Win/Win/Win for you, your friends and our studio.
    • You get the free session, discounted senior shoot and rewards for referral bookings
    • Your friends get 30 minutes added to their session for free
    • We grow our business and get to work with great people like you

OK, Let's get this show on the road!