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Welcome to Michael Curtis Photography.

Seattle Wedding Photographer | High School Senior Pictures | Contemporary Portraits
I have spent the past 10+ years photographing the natural beauty of people young and old. My art background combined with my photographic skills allow me to creatively capture the essence of my subjects.

My goal is to produce images that preserve the spirit and emotion of the special moments in the lives of my clients and help build their family legacy through photography.

In addition to specializing in wedding photography, I also photograph high school seniors. It is my pleasure to be the 'unofficial' official photographer at the North American Martyrs Parish in Seattle.

I hope that you enjoy my images and that I can be of service to you if you need wedding photography, high school senior pictures or to update your family portrait.

Check out my Blog where you can find 'Testimonials' from several of my clients who have expressed their appreciation in having worked with Michael Curtis Photography.

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