Frequently Asked Questions On General Topics

How do you describe your style?

That's a great question. I must say at it depends on the photo shoot. Weddings call for a style that is different from a senior photo shoots which is also different from my headshot and contemporary portraiture. At Michael Curtis Photography, I also separate my shooting style from the post-processing (editing, retouching and color grading) of the images that I create.

My wedding photography tends to be a mix of photo journalism with styled and directed situational posing. While employing the posing skills that I have learned through years of training and practice, I make sure to keep the photography flowing, natural and relaxed. Typically, by wedding day, we have already done an engagement photo shoot and gotten to know each other so my clients are more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. That's one of the real benefits of doing the engagement session. I also make sure to capture plenty of candid shots and from vantage points that offer my unique perspective. 

High school seniors may be great at taking selfies but not be as comfortable in front of the camera when it comes time to shoot their senior pictures. These sessions typically require a considerable amount of directed posing, especially at the start. I begin these shoots with basic posing instruction. It doesn't take long for my seniors to get comfortable at which time they can really let their personalities shine.

The headshots and contemporary portraits that I shoot are the most directed in terms of guiding my clients into flattering poses and expressions. There are slight variations in my style between the studio and on-location sessions, but again, you can expect direction from me.

My editing style for the images that I deliver is what I call "real and natural." By that, I mean that I go for accurate real colors, especially when it comes to skin tones. I believe that natural skin tones are classic and will stand the test of time, unlike trendy fake toning. I see a lot photographers who present overly yellow skin that from what I can tell is supposed to simulate a dark suntan. Other trendy styles include the 'teal orange', 'desaturated' and 'cinematic' looks that are currently popular on Instragram or in the movies. I'm confident that in a few years people will wonder what they were thinking when they selected photos with the currently popular looks. I've seen hot trendy styles come and go and am convinced that in the long run you will be happier with 'real and natural' or classic 'black and white.'
Michael Curtis Editing Style - Real and NaturalMichael Curtis Editing Style - Real and NaturalI believe that the 'real and natural' look will stand the test of time; unlike the trendy color grading that comes and goes.

Textures are important too. Again, for me, I go for 'real and natural'. I don't deliver images where skin texture is overly smoothed in Photoshop and made to look like porcelain aka 'fake.'

Please take time to review my portfolio galleries so that you understand what my style is. My style is not for everyone and that's fine. If you like what you see, be confident that I will deliver consistently "real and natural" photographs. Let's get you session booked!