What constitutes a 'Signature Edit' by Michael Curtis Photography and how does it compare with standard retouched photography?

'Signature Edits' are images where considerable extra edit/retouching time is involved enhance the photograph artistically. This can include dealing with background distractions, skin blemishes, digital removal of braces from teeth, compositing, or to create a modified look/interpretation to the image. Some Signature Edits may be subtle and others more dramatic depending on the look and elements of the original photograph.

Here are a few samples with the original photograph on the left and the Signature Edit version on the right.


2019-09-19_00132019-09-19_0013 2019-09-19_00202019-09-19_0020 2019-09-19_00062019-09-19_0006 2019-09-19_00042019-09-19_0004 2019-09-19_00032019-09-19_0003 2019-09-19_00082019-09-19_0008 2019-09-19_00052019-09-19_0005 2019-09-19_00092019-09-19_0009 2019-09-19_00102019-09-19_0010 2019-09-19_00172019-09-19_0017

DIGITAL MANIPULATION AND COMPOSITING 2019-09-19_00022019-09-19_0002 2019-09-19_00122019-09-19_0012 2019-09-19_00112019-09-19_0011 2019-09-19_00142019-09-19_0014

DIGITAL BRACE REMOVAL  2019-09-19_00192019-09-19_0019

Please call 425-610-9098 if you have any questions about signature edits by Michael Curtis Photography.