Michael Curtis Photography | EXIST IN PHOTOS (Part 2)

November 04, 2015

EXIST IN PHOTOS for family and friends
This past year my mother's older sister passed away. This aunt was an amateur photographers who had been bitten by the travel bug. Every year she and my uncle embarked on at least one amazing vacation either here in the USA or some distant land abroad. We were always treated to a slide show upon their return. I must admit that as a young child these 2-3 hour slide show were a chore to endure. As we grew older we came to look forward to their presentation of images and the stories. Their photographs and stories were straight out of National Geographic.

One of my cousins has recently taken on the task of sifting through the hundreds of boxes of slides and uncovering countless gems of photographs. In addition to the travel images, my aunt always had her camera in hand at family gatherings capturing pictures of all our families and documenting our youth. I was taken by surprise when my cousin posted a photo on Facebook this past Mother's Day; a shot that I had never seen of my mother holding me when I was just a few days old. It was very touching to see myself cradled in the arms of my mom. My cousin has promised to share more of these photos as the are uncovered in this archeological find of the many boxes of photos.

The major take-away of this reinforces why I love photography and being able to help future generations have a photographic family heritage.  Exist in photos!

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